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A New Nose for Valentine’s Day

Sometimes, we just want to forget all of the ways we hide our nose. We may hide our nose underneath a great makeup contour, or we may distract from it with eye-catching glasses. But, when it comes to something so permanent, we wish it would stay the way we see it in our mind. If you’re ready to adjust your nose into something that makes you less self-conscious, keep reading to learn about rhinoplasty.

Who is a good candidate?

The situations or conditions that may prevent you from having other surgeries are likely to keep you from getting a rhinoplasty procedure, too. If you happen to have a health condition that affects your immune system, or anesthesia gives you weird side effects, please bring it up in your consultation.

What is recovery like?

A rhinoplasty can be performed in a surgery that takes a few hours, and we follow up with you periodically to make sure you’re healing well after you have gone home to rest and heal. Around a week after your surgery, we may ask that you to come back in for a check up. This visit is designed to let us see how well you’re healing, as well as to help you progress with any tips and feedback we can provide. We will remove the cast and the packing from your nose around a week after your surgery, which will help you feel much more like yourself.

Often, people do like to take time off of work or school so they can rest and recuperate after their surgery: plan ahead for how you know your body heals. Your recovery time may vary, as it depends on what you’ve had done. More substantial surgeries will take longer to heal. You may take two weeks to recover from bruising and swelling enough to return to work. It all depends on what your concerns are, but we can give you a better estimate when you come into the office.

Please click here to view before and after images of rhinoplasty procedures. For more information about rhinoplasty contact Dr. Lalla today at 973-324-9455.