After a Facelift: 4 Tips for a Safe and Speedy Recovery

Getting a facelift can be life-changing. Your wrinkles and the effects of sun and wind exposure can finally disappear.

Undergoing facelift surgery is an exciting time in your life. Once the procedure is completed, you’ll need plenty of down time to make sure you heal properly. Check out the following guidelines to put you on the road to a safe a smooth recovery.

Embrace the Cold Compress
After your procedure, you will have swelling and numbness for about three to four weeks. To help reduce swelling after surgery, apply a cold compress to your face periodically. Extreme cold helps combat inflammation and shrink blood vessels. A cold compress will also help alleviate any bruising and redness, as well as help with pain.

Avoid Heat
Unlike extreme cold, which helps reduce swelling, heat increases blood flow and actually promotes swelling. After your surgery, make it a point to stay out of the heat for at least a month, especially if you have your procedure during the hot summer months. Stay indoors in air conditioning if that is the case. And if it’s wintertime, make sure you indoor heater is at a moderate temperature.

Stay Elevated
Keeping your head elevated will promote healing and reduce swelling. Prop yourself up using pillows while you recover. It’s also a good idea to stay elevated in this manner while sleeping. The more time your head is elevated, the more blood flows away from your face, which means a speedier recovery.

Follow Doctor’s Orders
Your surgeon will give you specific post-operative instructions which you will need to follow closely. This will include the proper treatment of your bandages, whether you’re instructed to leave them alone or change them, and the best way to care for them to avoid infections. You’ll also be advised about the best foods to eat, particularly foods that are easy to chew. Medication will also be prescribed, which you will need to take as directed. And you’ll be advised to keep your activity to a minimum to avoid undue swelling.

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