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Boosting Youthfulness: Fillers, Botox, or Blepharoplasty?

With so many options in facial rejuvenation, the process of choosing the most appropriate treatment for specific concerns has become somewhat overwhelming. What we see in more cases than not is a perception that cosmetic surgery is not an option worth considering. Why go through the cost and minor stress of a surgical lift when there are injectables that can do so much for our appearance?

We can understand this idea. At the same time, we are also quite familiar with the limitations of non-surgical procedures. Let’s take a look at the options you have for rejuvenated eyes here . . .

The Upper Eyelids

With age, it is not uncommon for a man or woman to notice significant changes in the drape of the upper eyelid. This ultra-thin skin can become heavy and droopy seemingly overnight. There are a few reasons why the upper eyelid may change. One is that the loss of collagen has directly affected this tissue, and the lack of elasticity is allowing the skin to sag over its natural crease. Another reason that the upper eyelid may change is that the muscles just above and below the brow line are causing the brows to droop.

Brow-drooping is a concern that may first be treated with Botox. In some cases, the few millimeters of height that are gained through a non-surgical brow lift also decreases the bulk of the upper eyelid. If this does not happen, blepharoplasty is a wonderful option. The surgery is carefully performed through discreetly placed incisions. Removing excess tissue, blepharoplasty provides longer lasting results that are noticeable, but not obviously the result of surgery.

The Lower Eyelids

In recent years, many people have begun turning to injectable fillers to reduce the appearance of under eye bags. The lower eyelids, like the upper lids, are delicate and responsive to biological changes. Fillers placed into the upper cheek area or tear troughs can minimize the appearance of bags, but this treatment does not remove them. As such, some patients may continue to feel frustrated with the puffiness in this area.

Lower blepharoplasty carefully removes loose skin and also refines the fat pads just beneath the surface. These fatty deposits push outward against delicate skin. Surgical removal is ideal for severe sagging and under eye bags, as well as festoons.

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