Getting The Most Out Of Your CoolSculpting® Treatments

Summer is almost here, and you are already looking forward to June weddings, wearing your favorite warm weather outfits and spending more time outdoors. This summer promises to be full of fun, friendships and adventure, so why let a few problem areas on your body rain on your parade. CoolSculpting® is an innovative, non-surgical procedure that reduces fat. That’s right. You can tone and tighten your body without surgery. Here are some ways to get the most out of your CoolSculpting® procedures.

Smaller is Better

The technology and simplicity of CoolSculpting® may have you making a laundry list of areas on your body that need a little fat reduction help but starting small is a better approach. You will still need to follow a healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercising. CoolSculpting® should complement these habits rather than replace them. The combination of staying active and using CoolSculpting® for smaller areas produces the best results.

Modify Your Exercise Routine

One of the most common reasons that men and women have problem areas on their bodies is that they follow the same exercise routine for years. Changing up your routine breathes new life into the experience and gives new muscles a chance to develop. You can work with a personal trainer to find out which exercises should be added to target your problem areas.

Variety in Your Diet

Fat retention and poor muscle mass are linked to nutritional deficiencies in your body. Take a look at the foods that you eat and make sure that you are getting a variety of nutrients. Speak with a registered dietician to learn about better meal planning that fits your busy schedule and lifestyle.

Work with an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

When you are considering CoolSculpting® treatments, choose an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon for the procedures. A plastic surgeon offers an in-depth and comprehensive viewpoint about ways to remedy your most troubling aesthetic concerns.

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