Learn More About Buttocks Implants With Dr. Sanjay Lalla

Not everyone has a buttocks that makes them feel sexy and confident. To achieve a more attractive appearance to the buttocks, some patients find that cosmetic procedures such as buttocks implants can be used.

What are buttocks implants?

Buttocks implants are implants made of silicone that are inserted into the buttocks area to add shape, volume, and overall enhancement. The implants come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to ensure a natural appearance. The procedure for the buttocks implant typically takes a few hours to complete under general anesthesia. Dr. Sanjay Lalla will insert the implants strategically through incisions along the natural depression between the buttocks to eliminate noticeable scarring.

Are buttocks implants safe?

Absolutely! Silicone implants have been used in a variety of different cosmetic treatments and surgeries, including breast augmentation. They are safe, effective, and natural-looking, making them the most desirable option in terms of implants for any area of the body.

Can I have other procedures performed at the same time?

Dr. Sanjay Lalla offers a wide range of surgical procedures for the face and body. If patients want to address more than the shape and size of the buttocks, such as contouring of the abdominal area or reduction of fat on the thighs, other treatments can be combined. Some patients choose to have liposuction or tummy tucks done in conjunction with their buttocks implant surgery to address several areas of the midsection that may be imperfect.

Who is a candidate for buttocks implants?

The best way to determine candidacy for buttocks implants is to connect with Dr. Sanjay Lalla for an initial evaluation. During their consultation appointment and assessment, our professionals can make a determination on the surgical treatments best suited to achieve the results the patients desire. Other treatments, such as the Brazilian butt lift, may be recommended instead depending on the patient’s needs.

Discuss buttocks implants with Dr. Sanjay Lalla

Are you interested in learning more about buttocks implants? Please click here to view before and after images of past patients who have had buttocks implants placed. For more information about buttocks implants, contact Dr. Sanjay Lalla and his team today at (973) 324-9455.