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Making the Most of your Liposuction Procedure

Each year, approximately half a million people in the US undergo liposuction for body contouring. That’s because liposuction has been proven to effectively reshape one or multiple areas on your body that haven’t responded to diet and exercise. But to make sure you’re getting the most out of your liposuction treatment it’s important to remember certain guidelines. That way, you can stay on the path to recovering safely with a pleasing outcome.

  • Wear compression garments.The best way to reduce swelling and bruising is to wear compression garments. This will also improve circulation and promote healing. Bandages will be applied to the treated area(s) after the procedure, and compression garments may be provided to you by your doctor. Ask ahead of time if you need to purchase your own.
  • Stay on top of pain.To ease pain and swelling, as well as help manage any pain, take an over-the-counter medicine like Aleve or ibuprofen. You will be prescribed an antibiotic to prevent infection, so be sure to take it for the entire recommended time to help with healing.
  • Patients typically need two to three days of recovery time before returning to work. Make sure to use that time to rest and recover. This includes preparing your recovery area in advance with things you frequently use on your nightstand, as well as having children looked after by a friend or relative while you recover.
  • Move carefully, but do get moving. Walking at a slow pace as soon as you feel you’re able is an effective way to fend off potentially fatal blood clots. Just be sure to avoid strenuous activity for at least the first few weeks following your liposuction procedure.
  • Listen to your doctor. Liposuction is a serious surgery, and your doctor knows what’s best. That’s why it’s important to follow doctor’s orders when it comes to pre- and after-care instructions. And make sure he listens to you, too. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to help you heal safely and incident-free.

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