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Plastic Surgery West Orange NJ

Springtime Plastic Surgery

Each season of the year will offer some benefits to your decision to get plastic surgery. In the summer, you’re expected to take a vacation or two, so it’s easy to keep your procedure out from the public eye and take time off without question. Autumn months provide cooler, more comfortable weather to help your recovery. You can wear bulky sweaters and spend plenty of time indoors recuperating during winter. And, there are some amazing benefits to having your procedure right about now, in the spring.

Just a few advantages to getting plastic surgery in the spring include:

The Weather

Springtime is often still cool enough to bundle up in big baggy clothes. Plus, the ’90s are back in fashion, so you can take advantage of the trends while you cover up Liposuction bandages. Looser clothing can help you conceal your incisions while still staying comfortable. As the weather can still be temperamental,  there will usually be enough downtime so you can stay inside for a while.

School is In

If you have kids, then you know that they are still in school for a little bit longer (thank goodness!). Spring is the last of your precious alone-time before summer arrives. You won’t need as much extra help taking care of your children as you recover, as they’ll have school and homework to occupy them for a good portion of the day. Additionally, if you’re in college or school, you can take advantage of spring break and undergo a procedure while you have some precious time off.

Holidays are Far Away

So many of us set New Year’s resolutions involving our health or body image. So if you set a goal to lose some of that excess weight, you are likely starting to notice your body responding. Some procedures, like breast reductions or liposuction, require you to be as close to your ideal weight as possible: this allows your results to be their best. If you needed winter to lose weight, spring is a great time to get liposuction, and you can still take advantage of cooler weather.

If you want to schedule an appointment to improve your appearance before the busyness and skin-baring season is upon us, don’t delay. Please click here to view before and after images of liposuction. For more information about liposuction contact Dr. Lalla today at 973-324-9455.