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Top 5 Questions About Breast Lift Surgery

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a procedure that works to restore fullness and a youthful contour to breasts that have sagged or drooped over time. If you’re looking to combat signs of aging and restore a more full and youthful look to your breasts, keep reading and check out some of the top questions patients have about the breast lift procedure.

  1. What are the risks and complications of a breast lift? Complications are generally rare and minimal, but can include infection, changes in nipple sensation, and bleeding. By choosing a well-experienced surgeon, complications can typically be avoided.
  2. Will there be scarring? Scars are part of the surgical process but fortunately, they tend to heal rapidly and fade with time. Experienced surgeons place incisions in inconspicuous areas, often hidden in the natural curvature of the breast to minimize the appearance of scarring.
  3. How will my breasts look and feel following a breast lift? Some bruising and swelling will likely occur after surgery, however this should diminish in a matter of days. After recovery, many women equate their new breasts to that of a teenage girl with young, healthy, firm or perky breasts. Enhanced results can be achieved by combining a breast lift with breast implants.
  4. Will insurance cover my breast lift? Breast lift surgery is considered to be a cosmetic procedure. Since it is not deemed medically necessary, insurance providers do not offer coverage.
  5. Is a combination breast lift and breast implant surgery too much to do at one time? No, this combination of procedures is safe and does not put too much stress on the breasts. In fact, it is better to combine the procedures because less skin needs to be removed, causing less scarring.

Breast Lifts in West Orange and Jersey City

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