The Top Cosmetic Procedures for Women

While the overall goal of cosmetic procedures is to improve patients’ confidence, not everyone takes the same approach. However, with the rise of social media encouraging self-comparison, certain surgical options have become undoubtedly more common than others.

Are you a woman embarking on your own cosmetic procedure journey? Or are you simply curious about the current trends? Either way, read on for Dr. Lalla’s curated list of the top cosmetic procedures for women in 2022.

Eyelid Surgery

If you fear aging, you’re not alone; 54% of women aged 35 to 44 reported regularly worrying about it. Known as one of the six body parts to reveal your age first, a commonly feared symptom is stretching eyelids. Patients typically undergo eyelid surgery either to improve the appearance of the eye area or to resolve functional problems. In any case, it can help rejuvenate your eyes by reducing puffiness, eye bags, droopiness, and wrinkles.


With the nose serving as the centermost facial feature, it’s not surprising that nose jobs are a cosmetic procedure trend. When pursuing one, women mainly desire a nose in proportion with their other features. Tailored to each patient, for either medical or cosmetic concerns, or both, nose jobs are extremely customizable.

For example, if you deal with a deviated symptom, a rhinoplasty can correct it to improve your breathing. Overall, even minimal changes to nose structure can dramatically change its function and appearance. Although swelling can take months to resolve, most patients rate their pain between 0 and 4 out of 10 just 1-day post-op.

Breast Augmentation

Many women wish for a bust with a fuller and more contoured shape as well as a perkier appearance. In 2021 alone, 365,000 women received breast augmentations to enhance their chests. They’re especially common to undergo to counteract the physical toll of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In all cases, these procedures can increase breast size, make breast size more proportionate, correct asymmetry, and improve breast shape. A choice of inserting your fatty tissue or using silicone or saline implants, all via a small incision, makes these augmentations easily personalized for your goals and unique pre-op chest.

Breast Reduction

Alternatively, some women opt for a breast reduction. This procedure can aesthetically help achieve a more proportionate breast size as women with large breasts can experience a lot of discomforts. Possible issues include chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain, rashes and irritation in the area, nerve pain, and restricted physical activity.

This sought-after procedure is a solution many seek, removing extra fat, skin, and breast tissue to reduce chest size. Post-op, swelling, bruising, and pain should decrease within a few weeks.

Tummy Tucks

Although diet fads circulate on social media daily, the goal of a tight and defined stomach is difficult to naturally achieve for many women. Decreased estrogen during aging, which contributes to belly fat, doesn’t help. To counter that, body sculpting achieved via tummy tuck is on the rise.

Positioned as the third most popular cosmetic procedure overall in 2021, they remove and tighten loose, excess skin, and strengthen and repair abdominal muscles. In doing so, tummy tucks help women attain a slimmer silhouette and stronger core.


Another fat reduction procedure, less intensive than the tummy tuck, is liposuction. Similarly trendy, in 2021, over 458,000 American women received one. This surgery targets specific, hard to slim areas, ranging from, but not limited to, the chin and neck, stomach, back, and thighs.

It typically takes under two hours and involves the suctioning out of fat cells by a tube called a cannula. Lastly, since fat cells cannot regenerate once removed, your slimming liposuction results will be incredibly long-lasting.

Dr. Lalla Performs the Top-Requested Plastic Surgery Procedures Among Women

Although these are the trends, and one very well might interest you, your plastic surgery journey is personal. Routes vary by face shape, body type, and what aspect of yourself you specifically want to change. Call (973) 324-9455 today to discuss options for achieving your individualized, cosmetic goals with New Jersey’s top board-certified plastic surgeon.

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