What Can a Chin Implant Do?

Chin augmentation is one of the few plastic surgery procedures that are on the rise among both women and men. This procedure reshapes the chin through the placement of an implant, which serves to provide a harmonious balance to the rest of the facial features.

Below are several of the most common reasons that men and women receive chin implants.

Strengthen the jaw line.

Depending on their bone structure and development, some people naturally have what is referred to as a “weak” jaw line. This can mean that the chin does not protrude enough, a condition that is sometimes referred to as a “recessed chin”. This concern is more common among men than women, however, a significantly recessed chin can make women unhappy with their appearance as well. In this case, a chin augmentation can bring the chin line forward and improve the overall look of the jaw.

Balance out facial features.

The jaw line and chin area play a large role in making the face appear balanced and in proportion. The bottom portion of the face serves as the base and aesthetically “ties” the rest of the facial features together. If the chin is not in proportion to the rest of one’s features, or if it is noticeably asymmetrical, a chin implant can make a substantial improvement. Both men and women undergo the chin augmentation procedure in order to make their facial features more proportional.

Accompany a nose job.

Another way that a chin implant serves to bring balance to one’s appearance is when it is combined with a nose job, or rhinoplasty. In some cases, a large nose can be further downplayed by a chin enhancement, as moving the chin line forward helps to make the nose appear to be less pronounced.

The size of the chin can magnify or minimize the perceived size of the nose and vice versa. Therefore, it’s vital that a board-certified surgeon performs your procedures to make sure that the chin implant and/or nose job are proportional and complimentary in size to one another. Click here to view animated information on the AART Facial Chin Implant to learn more.

Chin Augmentation in West Orange and Jersey City

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