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Breast Reduction Procedures In Union, NJ

Welcome to the top plastic surgery center for breast reduction and enhancement procedures for Union-based patients. As the top plastic surgeon in northern New Jersey, Dr. Lalla remains devoted to reviving and enhancing your natural beauty. Having treated countless patients living near Union, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sanjay Lalla specializes in breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast reduction, and breast lifts. So whether you want a breast reduction or reconstructive surgery, Dr. Lalla’s medical team provides Union-based patients with the highest level of personal attention and care.

While other breast surgeries, such as breast augmentation and breast lift, are considered elective and ineligible for insurance coverage, breast reduction is different. Many cases are deemed “medically necessary” because oversized breasts can cause chronic neck, back, shoulder pain, and other health concerns.

What Is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction – or reduction mammoplasty – is a practical and popular plastic surgery procedure for large-breasted women who seek relief from chronic back pain, breathing problems, poor posture, and other health issues caused by enlarged breasts. For women who are unhappy about their appearance, breast reduction surgery can help patients regain confidence and enjoy a renewed self-image by creating a beautiful body contour more in proportion with their body size.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sanjay Lalla performs breast reduction procedures under general anesthesia. During the procedure, Dr. Sanjay Lalla removes fat and glandular tissue from the breast while tightening skin to produce smaller breasts. The procedure takes two to four hours to complete, depending on the techniques used and each patient’s unique case.

Who Are The Best Candidates For Breast Reduction?

Ideal candidates for breast reduction surgery are women with oversized breasts that cause medical problems, low self-esteem, or physical or social discomfort with the size of their breasts. Women must not be pregnant or breastfeeding while undergoing a breast reduction. Furthermore, ideal candidates also include women with fully developed breasts, non-smokers, and patients who do not have a life-threatening illness or medical condition. Breast reduction can also be performed on men suffering from gynecomastia, a condition that causes excess tissue to form in the pectoral areas.

What Are The Different Types Of Breast Reduction Procedures?

There are several different types of incisions that breast reduction surgeons may use for this procedure.

  • Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery – This technique involves an anchor-shaped incision and is ideal for women with extremely large breasts, although breast reduction scarring is usually more apparent. Skin, fat, and tissue can be removed from the lower breast, and the nipples and areolas may be repositioned as well.
  • Vertical Incision Breast Reduction – Also known as short-scar, this technique involves incisions that extend around the areola and down to the breast crease for a lollipop shape. A vertical incision is ideal for women with moderately large breasts who do not require extensive tissue removal. It creates shapelier results and leaves less visible scars from breast reduction than traditional breast reduction operations.
  • Scarless Breast Reduction – Scarless breast reduction uses liposuction techniques to reduce the size of the breast with little to no scarring. Since liposuction only removes fatty tissue in the breast, patients should have more fatty tissue than glandular tissue. This technique is commonly used for breast reduction for men.

Before undergoing your breast reduction procedure, Dr. Lalla will meet with you to discuss your goals and expectations for surgery, as well as inform you of the details of your particular procedure. This discussion is important in helping patients achieve the precise results they desire. After completing an initial consultation, Dr. Sanjay Lalla will determine the best type for your breasts.

What Is The Recovery Process For Breast Reduction?

After the breast reduction procedure, patients will likely experience some soreness, swelling, and bruising for several days. Patients should limit physical activity for at least two weeks while avoiding more strenuous activity for at least four weeks post breast reduction surgery. Patients will return to the doctor to have stitches removed after approximately two to three weeks, at which point most will be able to return to work and other regular activities. The results of the breast reduction procedure are noticeable immediately after surgery and will continue to improve as the swelling and bruising subside. Scars from the breast reduction surgery will continue to fade with time over time.

Achieve A Healthier Breast Size With Dr. Sanjay Lalla

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Based in West Orange and near Union, Springfield and Maplewood, New Jersey, Dr. Lalla’s office creates a comfortable, relaxing, and discreet environment. Dr. Sanjay Lalla is available for a personal consultation to evaluate your condition and determine what breast reduction procedure is best suited for your needs. Schedule a consultation at our West Orange office today by dialing (973) 324-9455. In addition to breast reduction procedures, Dr. Lalla offers many cosmetic procedures and skin treatments such as a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), liposuction, brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation and lift, blepharoplasty (eye lift), body contouring after massive weight loss, chemical peels, botox treatment, juvederm, restalyn and other fillers.

Dr. Sanjay Lalla is the BEST NJ Plastic Surgeon! He was referred to me by a previous patient who couldn’t say enough good things about his work. Not only was Dr. Lalla a delight, but I also have never come across a more professional, yet kind and caring staff! From the first person to answer the phone to the Nurse Practitioner, Gina and of course Dr. Lalla! When you are making permanent changes to your body you need to be really comfortable with that person, he did just that and more! Plus all the little things you don’t think about, they do and make everything about your procedure so easy and comfortable! Thank you again, Dr. Lalla and staff, I feel like a new and improved woman!


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