Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Personal Plastic Surgery's Breast Reconstruction Surgery

For many women, breasts are an important symbol of femininity that helps define their self-confidence and body image. The emotional affects of an altered appearance can be as psychologically damaging as the condition or injury that caused it. Breast reconstruction serves to restore a woman’s body to its original condition after the treatment of breast cancer.

Expander Placements

Many women undergoing breast reconstruction choose to use tissue expanders for natural-looking breasts that do not require any flaps or grafts. Through a series of appointments, the remaining breast tissue will be gradually expanded to accommodate an implant. The tissue expanders are placed during the initial procedure, which may be performed immediately after the mastectomy, or several months later, depending on the preference of the patient. They are placed under general anesthesia in a one to two hour procedure, and usually remain in place for four to six months.

Right away I felt at ease with Dr Lalla and his staff and knew that this is the surgeon I wanted to operate on me!! Throughout the reconstructive process Dr Lalla and his nurse practitioner were always available to me, to answer questions or just to talk. I am now finished with my reconstruction and my breasts look better than they did before!!! I can wear low cut shirts and I have beautiful cleavage!!


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Assuming you maintain a consistent weight and a healthy lifestyle, you will enjoy the results of your breast reconstruction for many years! Schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sanjay Lalla today to see how you can quality for a Breast Reconstruction. With two conveniently located offices in West Orange and Millburn, our team is ready to offer you best-in-class care and help you achieve your desired body! Dial (973) 324-9455 to get started!

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