Dr. Lalla changed my life! After three pregnancies in six years, my abdominal muscles had separated from their wall and I had an umbilical hernia, making me look perpetually 4-5 months pregnant. Although my breasts were the same 34c size, they hung about half a foot too low from where they’d been pre-baby. Dr. Lalla to the rescue! He explained I did not need a breast lift – a complicated expensive surgery (about which I’d initially been thinking) – and that simple breast implants would do the trick, an idea I’d never even considered because I was content with my size. From the beginning to the end, Dr. Lalla was the consummate professional. I even left it up to Dr. Lalla to decide during the surgery on the size of the breast implants because I was unsure which of two sizes would be right and didn’t want to look “too big.”. Now, 5 months later, I can honestly say I am THRILLED with my “new” body! The implants were just the right size and my breasts look as “perky” as ever. My belly is flat again and for the first time, I feel “sexy” and “noticed.” I can’t help but stare at my body in the mirror every time I pass! Not only is Dr. Lalla a skilled surgeon, but he also has amazing “bedside manner,” explaining what to expect each step of the way, helping with decisions so my new look would be the right one for ME (not just the biggest) and following up after the surgery to ensure I was as comfortable as possible. Dr. Lalla’s staff, too, is wonderful, particularly nurse practitioner Gina Lalla, who was as responsive as could be. Unlike many other medical professionals by whom I’ve been treated, the Lallas genuinely care. Medical competence is a given, but their specialized attention distinguishes them like no other!

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