The Growing Popularity of Pre-Wedding Chemical Peels

With wedding season rapidly approaching, more brides choose to rejuvenate their skin with cosmetic procedures like chemical peels. Every bride wants to feel gorgeous on her wedding day, which is why every bride strives to embody the essence of beauty. Coupled with a fabulous wedding gown and an alluring hairstyle, professional chemical peels can help brides glow on their wedding day!

The Best Chemical Peels for a Beautiful Face

Chemical peels are becoming a staple in many brides’ pre-wedding beauty regimens. This simple, non-surgical cosmetic procedure involves applying a formulated chemical to the face that seeps into the top layers of your skin. Chemical peels safely peel away the damaged layers of skin to reveal fresher, tone-corrected skin. Depending on the pre-wedding skincare regimen, brides may opt for a light peel or a deeper peel.

A light peel is a gentle formulation that removes just the uppermost layers, resulting in peeling typically seen in sunburns. A deeper peel, on the other hand, intends to treat dramatic facial flaws and more pronounced lines, causing more redness and peeling afterward.

Your board-certified plastic surgeon will assess your skin and offer an expert opinion on the type of chemical peel suited for your specific cosmetic enhancement needs. Whether Obagi, SkinMedica, SkinCeuticals, or another type of chemical peel, rest assured you will receive an expert medical opinion customized to your skin beauty goals.

Who Should Administer Pre-Wedding Chemical Peels?

When it comes to chemical peels, do not take the DIY approach! Without the proper training and knowledge, you may apply chemical peels with too strong a concentration to the skin, risking a potential burn or injury during the treatment session.

Furthermore, brides should never take matters into their own hands. Between redness, scarring, and infection, the benefits of store-bought chemical peels do not outweigh the risks.

Since brides hire professionals to make their wedding cake and take their wedding photos, it only makes sense to place their trust with an experienced best plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon offers the best chemical peel solutions on the market and will always follow safe application steps.

How Often Should Brides Use Chemical Peels?

Timing matters just much as the type of chemical peel a bride chooses. Since chemical peels can cause side effects like redness, scabbing, and swelling, a bride-to-be should never get a chemical peel the day before her wedding!

Depending on the fine lines, skin tone issues, and other flaws, even the best chemical peel treatments can require several treatments to fully enhance her skin’s appearance. Most board-certified plastic surgeons recommend multiple chemical peel treatments, preferably spaced out every six weeks over several months. So be sure to visit your plastic surgeon at least 6 months before your wedding day to map out your chemical peel treatment schedule. This will ensure the chemical peels have enough time to fully work their magic, and your skin has proper healing time.

Say, “I Do!” to Chemical Peels at Personal Plastic Surgery

Adding chemical peels to your pre-wedding beauty regimen can guarantee that all eyes will gravitate to your smooth and stunning face on your big day. At Personal Plastic Surgery, Dr. Sanjay Lalla and nurse practitioner Gina Lalla can help you put your best face forward with chemical peels, Botox, and other non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Before applying a chemical peel, nurse practitioner Gina will evaluate your skin’s current condition before recommending the best chemical peel to ensure a glowing face when you walk down the aisle. Dial (973) 324-9455 today to book a consultation!