<span style="color: #ffffff;"/>Breast Procedures

Breast augmentation is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedures in the U.S. and one of the most popular services in our New Jersey offices.

<span style="color: #ffffff;"/>Face Procedures
As we age, the effects of time, gravity, sun exposure, and stress inevitably take their toll on our faces, producing wrinkles, folds, fat deposits, and loose skin.

<span style="color: #ffffff;"/>Body Procedures

Remove excess skin, flatten & shape your abdomen, and remove fat with cosmetic body procedures such as liposuction, CoolSculpting®, tummy tucks, and more.

<span style="color: #ffffff;"/>Cosmetic Procedures

Help fight the effects of time, improve texture, remove blemishes, and produce healthy glowing skin with cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, BOTOX®, and dermal fillers.

Dr. Sanjay Lalla

New Jersey Plastic Surgeon

Your decision to have plastic surgery is a personal one, and the most important factor in the success of your surgery will be the doctor you choose. At Personal Plastic Surgery, we understand that you are looking for a plastic surgeon who will listen to you and provide a safe, comfortable environment. This is why with Dr. Sanjay Lalla each patient is treated as the only patient. Dr. Lalla and his staff will work with you to develop a highly personal and individualized treatment plan. Throughout your treatment, you will remain fully engaged with up-to-the-minute information that will allow you to make smart, informed choices. At Personal Plastic Surgery, you can be ensured of top-notch care from consultation to post-op treatment. Dr. Lalla and his staff speak English, Spanish, and Hindi.

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