Do you dream about having a beautiful backside, but genetics or weight loss have caused a stubbornly flat bottom? The highly coveted round and perky buttocks are not easily attained through diet and exercise alone. Dr. Lalla, our board-certified plastic surgeon, has unmatched experience in crafting curvaceous and youthful-looking behinds through buttocks implant surgery in West Orange. If you want a head-turning bottom, then look no further than Dr. Sanjay Lalla.

Personal Plastic Surgery has performed over three decades of successful buttock augmentation procedures, giving patients a boost in self-esteem and an alluring silhouette. Our compassionate team is committed to helping you look and feel your best. Discover how Dr. Lalla’s body sculpting surgery can help you!

What are Buttocks Implants?

When administered by Dr. Lalla, a board-certified plastic surgeon, West Orange buttocks implants can improve the size, shape, and contour of your buttocks. Dr. Lalla uses soft silicone implants, providing a firm yet smooth and natural feel. With a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, the implant is carefully placed between gluteal muscles to produce your desired look. Silicone implants are safe and long-lasting, adding a natural curvature while maintaining their structure with daily use.

With your goals and expectations in mind, Dr. Lalla will help you choose an implant size best suited to your body’s natural structure. The results are a natural feeling and proportional backside. At Personal Plastic Surgery, we carefully craft balanced feminine figures leaving every buttocks augmentation patient with an increased self-image, boosted confidence, and a beautiful backside!

Buttock Implants Procedure Expectations

Prospective buttocks implant patients first attend an initial consultation with Dr. Lalla to assess their needs and expectations. Based on your unique goals, Dr. Lalla will advise you on the best buttocks augmentation procedure and help you make an informed decision on the shape, size, and placement of the implant.

During the procedure, Dr. Lalla will first administer a general anesthesia. Then, he will make a series of small incisions inside the gluteal crease. Dr. Lalla will create a pocket within your muscles and place the implant between (away from the bony area on which you sit). The pocket within the muscles and the skin are sutured closed with dissolvable sutures. Patients will need to wear a compression garment to hold the new implants in place, reduce any swelling, and prevent fluid buildup. From start to finish, the procedure will last between one to two hours.

Patients typically recover in one to two weeks, with all soreness and swelling dissipating by week two or three. We recommend you avoid sitting on your buttocks or any strenuous physical activity for 2-3 days. Additionally, patients should sleep on their side or stomach for the first few weeks. Dr. Lalla’s attentive team will instruct you with any further details necessary for a quick and easy recovery!

Perfect Candidates for Buttocks Implants

For many, having a disproportionate butt can negatively affect their confidence. When your hips and thighs become slimmer, your butt looks more defined by comparison. Patients who have lost volume in the butt due to weight loss, aging, pregnancy, or who are just unhappy with the size or shape of their butt may benefit from a buttocks implant.

Patients must be at or near their ideal weight and not have any excess or sagging skin. If there is extra sagging skin, Dr. Lalla may recommend the procedure be performed in conjunction with a buttock lift to remove the excess skin.

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