What is Preventative Botox?

We’ve all heard of the term Botox before, and we all know that Botox primarily serves to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. But did you know that there are measures you can take to prevent those wrinkles from ever arriving? Here’s where Preventative Botox comes into play!

Preventative Botox are injections into your face that treat wrinkles before they emerge. They give individuals confidence during their aging process by ensuring that their faces will retain a youthful look!

How Does Preventative Botox Work?

Botox is a neurotoxic protein that the bacterium Clostridium botulinum produces. To simplify the function that Botox has, Botox injections block certain chemical signals from nerves, mostly signals that cause muscles to contract. That contraction of muscles is responsible for the formation of wrinkles. Typically, patients receive Botox once they become unhappy with the wrinkles they have. With preventative Botox, patients receive injections in muscles that typically cause wrinkles before they form.

When Should I Consider Preventative Botox?

There is no clear consensus on when it is too early to begin receiving preventative Botox injections. Botox injections are approved for people over the age of 18, but experts in the field agree that the late 20s and early 30s are an appropriate age to begin preventative Botox injections.

The Risks of Preventative Botox

When done by a trained professional, Botox injections are often a safe procedure that results in few side effects. Preventative Botox has the same side effects or risks as regular Botox injections. It is also important to understand that your age will not impact your level of risk for side effects if you are 18 years or older. Possible side effects of preventative Botox include headaches, dry eyes, sinus inflammation, or swelling and bruising.

In rare cases, Botox injections can result in a medical emergency. Be sure to reach out to your doctor if you notice difficulty breathing, blurry vision, or an itchy rash at the site of your treatment. While these dangerous side effects are possible, they are highly unlikely as your doctor is extensively trained in how much Botox to inject.

The Botox Recovery Process

The recovery process of Botox injections is quick. Any bumps that have formed during the treatment will begin to disappear within an hour. It is also important to avoid exercise and not lie down for a few hours after receiving injections, as they need to “set in.” It is normal to see bruising at the site of the injections. A few days after your treatment, you will notice that your facial muscles are tighter. For most people, this will last for twelve weeks as preventative Botox is not permanent.

Is Preventative Botox Right for Me?

There is no hard rule that determines who should get Botox, anyone who is fearful of facial aging can receive preventative Botox. However, receiving preventative Botox injections prior to your early 20s is likely too early. Receiving preventative Botox injections may help you down the line as you won’t need as many Botox injections when you are older. It is also important to understand that preventative Botox will not be effective for wrinkles that are formed from sun damage or unhealthy lifestyles. Therefore, if you are receiving wrinkles from those factors, Botox may not be worth your time and money.

Receive a Preventative Botox Verdict Today

If you are unsure whether you are ready to commit to preventative Botox yet, talk to an expert in the field. Dr. Sanjay Lalla holds over three decades of experience performing safe and effective Botox injections and can help you come up with a successful plan to prevent facial aging. Schedule your consultation by calling (973) 324-9455 today!