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Transitioning from Summer Skin: Time to Repair

Even though back-to-school shopping started about a month ago, it’s now that the reality starts setting in. Swimming pools are closing and everyone is getting into work mode. Your skin is no different! When the dry fall air comes blowing in, our skin has to start working harder. You’ve probably noticed how your skin looks more flakey and red during winter, and you probably don’t love it either.

That’s why we’re here to help you banish the fall skin blues. Keep reading to learn about the three main things we do in the fall to maintain our beautiful, happy summer skin.


It’s not that our skin stops working, but summer is generally a happier time for our skin. There is usually more moisture in the air, which our skin loves. The drier fall months mean more dry, more flakey skin. Nobody wants to wake up with that!

Keep your skin happy by incorporating an extra scrub or exfoliating treatment into your routine, maybe just once or twice a week if you’re just getting started. These treatments will help your skin turn over, and help your oil production stay at a stable rate. Plus, exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells that prevent your moisturizer from penetrating down into your skin. Which brings us to…


Moisturizing is important to help your skin stay healthy and happy. When you’re younger, your skin is better at maintaining moisture levels, but as we get older our skin tends to get red and flakey in fall and winter. Adding some moisture back helps our skin cope with the new climate we suddenly find ourselves in. Swapping out your lightweight moisturizer for something more rich might be all you need.


We love fall because that’s when we really start treating ourselves. This is the best time of year for chemical peels to scrub away hyperpigmentation, fine lines, sun spots, and other signs of premature aging. We’re in the sun less, so there’s less chance of UV damage (which is especially important immediately after a chemical peel). Get your skin ready for party season–which will be here before you know it–and opt for a chemical peel today.

For more information, about chemical peels contact Dr. Lalla today at 973-324-9455.