The Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Through the removal of excess fat and repositioning of skin on the abdominal area, tummy tucks —also known as abdominoplasty— improve the shape and appearance of your stomach. Most patients pursue the procedure in hopes of achieving a flatter, more toned stomach. However, the benefits from this “cosmetic” surgery are not just skin-deep.

Taking on the taxing and costly demands of plastic surgery for aesthetic results can seem even more worthwhile when the procedure yields extra medical benefits. Read on to learn more about how a tummy tuck can make significant improvements to your health!

Strengthen Your Core

It’s not just the external physique that these procedures tighten, but the muscles below the skin as well. By reducing excess stomach fat, tummy tucks effectively strengthen your abdominal and core muscles.

The benefits of stronger core muscles include improved overall flexibility, balance, and stability. These factors contribute to heightened mobility, which prevents falls and injuries during physical activity. This new physical capability also expands the list of exercises you can use during your workouts.

By mitigating the risk of obesity and boosting physical health, the surge in physical activity can even lower your risk of serious health conditions like gallbladder disease, stroke, and heart disease down the line.

Ease Back Pain

Weaker abdominal muscles force the body to rely more on spinal bones and discs for support, which leads to lower back pain. However, more abdominal support for the spine from a strengthened post-op core significantly reduces those aches. More abdominal support can also correct improper posture, which removes stress from your spine.

Prevent Ventral Hernias

Ventral hernias occur when the intestine or other tissue projects through a weakened abdominal wall. In this case, again, a stronger core achieved through a tummy tuck can counteract the major culprits of stress on the stomach muscles and pressure on the skin. These benefits could be of huge importance. The development of ventral hernias, especially common in older, pregnant, or overweight patients, may encourage more serious complications, like crippling back pain.

Better Bodily Control

Tummy tucks can also treat issues relating to reduced bladder and bowel function. Known as stress urinary incontinence, the condition causes urine leakage while sneezing, laughing, coughing, or exercising. In these cases, a tummy tuck eases symptoms by removing pressure on your bladder and urethra—the root cause of these (SUI) issues.

Improved Skin Health

Furthermore, extra fat on your tummy may prevent you from properly cleaning yourself, leading to infection, as well as painful chafing and rashes. But by removing excess stomach fat, Tummy Tucks help you get your skin in tip-top shape!

Start Planning Your Tummy Tuck, Today

Tummy tucks are not merely superficial after all. The choice to embark on one is a choice to invest in your appearance and your health. Luckily, a simple two-to-three-hour procedure will give you a broad swath of medical benefits. By keeping up with regular follow-ups and wearing a supportive abdominal garment for about six weeks after the procedure, you can achieve these incredible, long-lasting results.

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