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Understanding BOTOX®: Top Patient Questions

Since it was introduced, BOTOX® has grown to become the number-one cosmetic procedure in the United States. Working to “turn back the clock” and promote a more youthful appearance, BOTOX is leading the fight against unwanted facial lines and wrinkles. Despite its popularity, however, many patients feel that they don’t understand the treatment completely, and many come to us with questions! To better help you understand this minimally-invasive solution, we wanted to take a moment to answer some of the most common questions from patients. Ready to find out what BOTOX is really all about?

Here are 5 BOTOX Questions We Hear from Patients:

  1. What is BOTOX, exactly? A highly purified protein, BOTOX belongs to a category of injectables known as botulinum toxin type A. Working essentially as a muscle relaxer, BOTOX works to ease away what are known as “dynamic lines” or “expression lines.” Examples include crow’s feet and horizontal lines across the forehead.
  2. Is BOTOX the same thing as a soft tissue filler? While BOTOX and fillers are both popular wrinkle treatments, fillers work slightly differently. Adding volume to the skin, treatments like Juvéderm® and Restylane® literally “fill in” the valleys of creases. These treatments are best suited for deep-set or “static” lines.
  3. Isn’t BOTOX very painful? Because BOTOX is so effective, many assume that it must also be very painful. A minimally-invasive approach to fine lines and wrinkles, most patients find the procedure quite tolerable.
  4. How long will my results last? In the end, every patient is different and should expect unique results. Though not a permanent solution, the effects of BOTOX will often last up to several months.
  5. Is BOTOX the right option for me? The best way to explore your BOTOX options is to schedule an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon near you. Patients in the West Orange and Jersey City areas are encouraged to contact our offices directly.

BOTOX in West Orange and Jersey City

To learn more about BOTOX or any of the other services we offer, contact us directly and schedule a consultation. Call our West Orange office at 973-324-9455 or our Jersey City office at 201-763-6764. We look forward to serving you!