How to Tell if you need Breast Lift Surgery

If you want your breasts to feel and appear more firm and youthful, a breast lift is what you need. Genetics, gravity, pregnancy, and aging are all contributors to breasts that sag or have lost firmness and volume. A breast lift also called a mastopexy, tightens and contours your breasts, so they sit higher on the chest and look and feel more firm.

You might need a breast lift if:

  • One breast sits lower on the chest than the other
  • Nipples or areolas fall in the breast crease when breasts are left without support
  • The nipples point downwards
  • Breasts sag or are lacking in volume and shape
  • Breasts appear stretched or “hang.”

How to prepare for your breast lift

Now that you’ve determined that is breast lift is for you, here’s how you can prepare for your surgery. First, arrange a consultation with your doctor to thoroughly discuss what your goals and expectations are. If you are also getting breast implants, be sure to explain to your doctor the size of breasts you prefer. During your consultation, general health will be discussed. Be sure you are at a stable weight and are generally in good health. To help reduce the chance of complications, you must be off medications that can make bleeding more likely. If you are a smoker, you will need to stop.

Plan by scheduling for a recovery period. For the first month and a half post surgery, you will not be able to lift heavy items. This is especially important for those with small children. Consider having a family member or friend help you during those first few weeks of recovery. For the first few days, you will feel uncomfortable and will likely be prescribed a pain medication. After two or so weeks, the doctor will remove your stitches. If needed, minor adjustments can be made later.

Arrange a consultation

If you are interested in getting a breast lift, don’t hesitate to arrange your consultation today. For more information, about breast lifts contact Dr. Lalla today at 973-324-9455. We look forward to addressing your questions or concerns.