A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing for Plastic Surgery

One of the biggest selling points of getting plastic surgery is the aesthetic component of it: the enhancements it makes to your physical appearance. Of course, once over, you will be feeling and looking great, but it is important to remember that plastic surgery is still surgery, thus it must be treated with the same kind of emphasis as any other procedure.

Properly preparing for cosmetic surgery is vital, starting the moment you decide to go through with the procedure. Down below is a comprehensive guide as to how you can start getting ready for the big day, provided to you by Dr. Sanjay Lalla.

Deciding to Get Plastic Surgery

Upon choosing a procedure, the most important thing to do is assess the current state of your body and its health. Do you have high cholesterol? Does cancer run in your family? Are you a smoker? Do you have any vitamin deficiencies? Are you on any medications?

These are the kinds of questions that you need to ask yourself and your doctor during your consultation before going any further with your decision. Plastic surgery is such a great tool in getting your body to look a desired way but to reiterate, it is still a surgery– one that is purely optional at that. You don’t need to get liposuction or a nose job or whatever if it means jeopardizing your health. Remember, you are already beautiful as you are, so consider the risks carefully before making any final decision.

Create a Sterile Home Environment to Avoid Potential Infection

Before your surgery, make sure to clean out your living space. Without even knowing it, our houses and homes are filled with bacteria that can pose a threat to infection after your procedure– one that can very much be easily avoided. So, wash your sheets, and your towels, and your linens, and make sure your space is sanitary.

Nourish Your Body for Optimal Surgical Outcomes

In the weeks leading up to your surgery, eating clean, drinking lots and lots of water, and staying hydrated is more vital than ever, not only for the overall state of your health, but also for your recovery after the procedure. Eating clean and whole foods is always important, as your body needs those vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat to fuel itself and support its proper functioning as it goes through the surgery.

Easier said than done, but this means you must limit, if not cut out, alcohol, highly processed foods, refined sugars, and anything else that could potentially spike your blood sugar levels or cause inflammation. Instead, opt for berries, leafy greens, fresh fruits, and vegetables of all sorts; and in doing so, you will see a much easier recovery.

Stub Out the Smoke! Why Kicking the Habit Aids Healing

Avoid nicotine and tobacco products altogether. Engaging in any form of smoking before your surgery is one of the worst actions you can take, as it hampers the delivery of oxygen to the lungs and has the potential to cause severe medical complications during the post-operative period.

Arrange a Support System for Post-Surgical Care

Ensure that you arrange a support system for post-surgical care. Plastic surgery will inevitably disrupt your routine, so take proactive steps to complete and manage your post-surgical care plans. Consider completing your grocery shopping in advance or organizing transportation home after the procedure with a loved one or trusted friend. It is vital to have a reliable contact available to provide assistance when needed, as assistance will undoubtedly be required.

Embrace Serenity: Techniques to Relax and Reduce Pre-Surgery Stress

We all know that stress kills. Before your surgery, take proactive steps to ensure that you feel relaxed and maintain a stress-free state of mind. Prioritize getting ample rest and uninterrupted sleep. While it’s normal to experience anxiety before your procedure, remember that you’re in control! Soon, you’ll experience an improved appearance and overall well-being.

Making an Informed Choice for Personal Transformation

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