Tips for a Smooth Post-Operation Recovery Period

As a renowned plastic surgeon based in northern New Jersey, Dr. Sanjay Lalla understands that undergoing plastic surgery, regardless of your physical fitness or overall health, can temporarily disrupt your normal routine. It is crucial to recognize that the first 72 hours (approximately 3 days) after surgery are when your body is most vulnerable and requires diligent post-operative care to ensure a smooth recovery and long-lasting results.

With years of experience performing successful cosmetic procedures, Dr. Sanjay Lalla and his dedicated team fully comprehend the significance of post-operative care that will guide you toward a seamless recovery. Regardless of the type of procedure you’ve undergone, whether it’s rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, or facelift, our expert tips and advice will empower you with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the post-operative journey with confidence.

1) Rest Up

Getting a lot of rest is key to recovering after surgery of any sort – and plastic surgery is no exception to this. Routine, good-quality sleep encourages your body’s ability to heal after being put under anesthesia. The tissues in your body where surgery was performed will need a break recover properly. Specific benefits of sleep-induced rest include reduced levels of inflammation, better circulation, as well as improved ability of your immune system to fight off the risk of infection.

Try to keep physical activity at a minimum until your doctor says otherwise. The most stressful activity you should be doing is walking up the stairs. This is not the time to hit the gym or attend a CrossFit session. Again, your doctor will let you know when you’re in the clear to go back to your normal day-to-day activity.

2) Support from a Trusted Companion

While it’s crucial to prioritize rest and limit physical activity, having a support system in place can significantly enhance your recovery experience. Consider scenarios where your companion can offer invaluable assistance:

  • Assistance with Daily Tasks: Your trusted friend can aid you in various everyday activities, such as helping you to the bathroom, preparing and bringing you nourishing meals, or even taking care of your beloved pets. Their presence will ensure your well-being and provide much-needed support during your recovery journey.
  • Medication Management: Your companion can play a crucial role in keeping you on track with your medication schedule. They can remind you to take prescribed medications at the correct times, ensuring you maintain the necessary pain management and promote a smooth healing process.
  • Emotional Support: Undergoing plastic surgery can evoke a range of emotions, and having a supportive friend nearby can offer a comforting presence. They can provide a listening ear, offer words of encouragement, and help alleviate any anxiety or concerns you may have during your recovery period.

3) Hydration & Nourishment

Following your surgery, actively maintain optimal hydration by drinking copious amounts of water. Hydration plays a vital role in accelerating your recovery by restoring your cells to their peak functionality. Be relentless in your pursuit of hydration, ensuring your body has the essential fluids it needs to heal and thrive.

In terms of nourishment, during the initial 24 to 48 hours (first 1 to 2 days) post-operation, focus on a liquid-based diet to ease your digestive system’s workload. Embrace the nourishing power of liquids, gradually reintroducing sustenance to your body. Start with clear liquids such as water, broths, and herbal teas. Then, methodically progress to more substantial liquid options like smoothies and protein shakes.

4) Keep Your Incision Clean

After your incision has healed, take proactive steps to reduce scarring and lower the risk of infection by actively keeping the wound clean. Engage in regular cleaning and moisturizing of the area, accompanied by gentle scar massage to promote scar flattening. It may require considerable effort, but refraining from picking at the area is crucial for effective wound healing.

Handle the area with care, avoiding any aggressive rubbing or scrubbing that may hinder the healing process. After cleansing, avoid picking at the wound, as doing so hinders healing and increases the risk of infection. Discipline yourself to prioritize the healing process by refraining from any actions that may disrupt it.

5) Take any Medication as Prescribed

After your procedure, your doctor may prescribe you medication to help with healing or any pain or discomfort you may feel during your recovery. Make sure to take your medication only as advised. Remember to ingest the medication with food to avoid any nausea. Do not smoke or drink alcohol while taking. If you are taking any other medications, consult with your doctor to see if they’re safe to take during this window, or if you have any other concerns regarding medication.

6) Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

At the end of the day, who knows better than your doctor? Be sure to follow their orders and instructions carefully to help ensure a seamless and easy recovery post-op. Any question you may have, they’ll be sure to answer for you.

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From prioritizing rest and enlisting the support of a trusted companion to staying hydrated, keeping your incision clean, and following medication guidelines, each step plays a vital role in your recovery journey. By adhering to your doctor’s instructions and seeking their expert guidance, you can navigate this transformative process with confidence. If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure or have any questions about your specific needs, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanjay Lalla.

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